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StageKL Project

StageKL went live sine 1 January 2011 in case you still don’t know.

Many people asked me why did I create the website, or more specifically, why a website about performing arts?

The short answer is, well, very logical. Dennis creates websites for living. Dennis loves performing arts. Thus, Dennis created a website about performing arts.

Don’t buy the short answer? Okay here’s the long one. But before that, grab your coffee, sit down, relax and get ready because it’s going to take a few hours to finish.

Just kidding.

Well, I’ve always love performing arts ever since I was young. I choreographed a few dance performances during high school even though no one has ever taught me how.

I can still remember when I went to watch my first musical — Fame the Musical — exactly 10 years ago in 2001, I loved it so much I spent all my money to watch it twice. After watching it I wished I could leave everything behind and tour with the group to perform on stages all over the world.

But of course it didn’t happen. Those were the naive days.

However, my love for performing arts is still as strong as always. The only problem is, it’s hard to find a friend who actually would like to go to watch a show with me.

“I’m not a performing arts person.”

“Performing arts? Boring…”

“It’s so expensive lah…”

Those were the excuses I got from my friends all the time. And most of the time, they have never been to any good stage performance before.

But of course there were also friends who actually liked musicals once they attended their first show. And some even got shocked when I told them they could attend the orchestra at Dewan Filharmonic Petronas, KLCC for as low as RM20.

So I was thinking, it’s not that people don’t like performing arts, it’s just that they are lacking of exposure of what performing arts really is.

So one fine day during midnight, the idea of creating a website about performing arts suddenly strikes me. I was so excited then I started to think, plan and design.

Okay, fast forward till today. Tada…!!! There you have it, StageKL. A comprehensive website hopefully to increase people’s exposure and interest on our booming local performing arts industry.

There are more improvements to be done. If you still want to read more texts, head on to read my welcome note where I talked about my future plan for StageKL.

Before I end this long post, one small request, please help me to spread the word on Twitter. I’ve made it easy for you, just click here and you will see the following message ready for you to tweet.

Check out for latest musical, concert, theatre and dance around Kuala Lumpur @stagekl

You will never know if any of your friends will find the website useful. So thanks a lot! And don’t forget to check out because there are at least 5 good shows happening this weekend!

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  1. Ted Ted

    Will have to agree with you that ART and Musical is still on the low side in Malaysia. But a booming success in our neighbor country Singapore.

    StageKL will be a good resourceful website to the public for information regarding these.

    Well done! 🙂

  2. Yeah Singapore is so much better but we are definitely catching up.

    And thanks! 😀

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