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What’s next?

I have abandoned my blog for long enough and I thought it is time to do something. So I cleaned up the design a bit, fixed some JavaScript errors and wrote this post.

Time constrain is a bitch. Although I wish to blog more often but blogging just take too much time off my hands. So instead of taking the time to put up all my thoughts, pictures and videos on my blog, I turned to micro-blogging platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram instead.

Until recently, when I received the domain renewal notice from my hosting company, I decided not to renew my hosting and shutdown this blog for good.

Ok I was just kidding. Hahaha… Did I surprise you? Just trying to pull a belated April-fool joke :p I will never throw this 5-year-old baby out the window just like that.

The blog is here to stay, but what should I do with it next? Keep it vacant as it is and update 3 times a year and making promises to update more often which I know I can never keep?

Well, I have no idea either. I was thinking to turn this blog into something else maybe a Tumblr blog or something more advanced like an automated tweets and Instagram compilation blog. But I guess that will take quite a lot of time to implement too. Oh well.

So until I figure out what to do next, there will be nothing much to see here. Or you have better ideas? Do let me know.

Till next time, ciao.

Oh ya, there’s one more thing. Do follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more updates. Just search for my username “denslee” 🙂

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