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Year 2018 in Summary

I thought I could find the time to write more in 2018. But it seems like it’s just not that easy to make writing one of my top priorities over the past year. However, as the year 2018 draws to an end, I find myself having more time not being chased by deadlines, or rushing to rehearsals constantly. So let’s write something.

This year has been pretty intense but undoubtedly interesting. Things that happened are either happening for the first time; or they are the biggest thing that’s ever happened compare to what I’ve done before.

I believe these events will become important cornerstones for my future and I would like to write them down so I could look back and get reminded of how things unfolded.


  • Expanded the team with 3 additional team members.
  • Engaged and involved more with the startups community.
  • Updated Appleseeds’ website with new design and content.
  • Worked with Mr. Hiro and Mr. and Mrs. K.
  • Moved office from TTDI outlet to Subang outlet (October).
Me giving a talk to a bunch of students about Appleseeds’ journey during one of the events organised by WORQ.


  • Travelled to Singapore twice (March and May) to watch The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and Legally Blonde the Musical.
  • Travelled to Taipei (July) for the second time with family.
  • Travelled to Langkawi (August) to stay at Four Seasons Langkawi and had the most luxurious stay of my life, for free!
  • The team travelled to Bali without me (because I had rehearsals).
  • Travelled to London (December) for the very first time!
View of London near the Millennium Bridge during the winter.


  • Started taking tap dancing class (January).
  • Performed in an original short musical for Kakiseni’s new website launching event.
  • Performed in a musical Between the Lines.
  • Performed at the 15th BOH Cameronian Arts Award.
  • “Fame the Musical” won 2 awards — Best Choreography and Best Performance by an Ensemble!
  • Helped produce an original short musical called Malaysia, Truly for Short+Sweet Malaysia 2018 and won 2 awards — Best Glitz & Glamour and Audience Choice Award
  • Performed in Medicine Buddha the Musical — the biggest musical I’ve ever taken part in.
Full cast of Medicine Buddha the Musical together with the director and sifu during the curtain call after one of the shows.

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